Support us

Dear visitor!

Because of the great investment, which is the base for our public support from FFG Austria, we are able to develop prototypes and buy electric modules, a lab with new measuring instruments and so on. Bur there are many other topics we could need some support, like:


. International distribution (for example with tools for people with special needs)

. Providing contacts to potential users or partners

. Providing public support (e.g. through the media etc.)

. Mentioning us in or collaborating with us for publications

. Providing electronic components or devices, facilities, etc.

. Making financial concessions for the manufacturing of electronic components or textiles

. etc.


If you want to assist us, please get in touch with our management (HERE).
If you want to support us financially, you can find our bank details on this website (Raiffeisen-Bank).


Only the financial and other support we have received so far has enabled us to conduct research and create prototypes.

(The companies and institutions that have supported us are listed under „PARTNERS“.)