Product description

Product description

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INNOMAKE is designed to improve the daily lives of blind, visually impaired, motor-impaired and elderly people and to facilitate the work of emergency organizations.

The warning system that is built into the shoe consists of distance sensors and a processing unit, and it allows the user to choose from different types of feedback. While the shoe is moving, it detects obstacles – by which we mean all objects that are either directly in front of the user or at a slight angle from them.

If an obstacle is detected, the user is alerted by a previously selected feedback type, which may take the form of an audio, visual or vibration signal. The audio feedback is provided through bone conduction headphones, a patented technology that transmits sound waves through the cheekbone directly to the inner ear. This allows users to keep their ears free, so that they can hear the sounds around them.
The type and intensity of the feedback as well as the range of the obstacle detection system can be adjusted using a special module or a cell phone.

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