Our product, resulting prototypes and presentations are going to be presented in different companies and institutions as well as (trade) fairs. Here you can see some:


NAIDEX 2018 – Birmingham



Lecture at FH Campus Wien   |   2016


Lecture at WEBSTER Private University in Vienna   |   2017

BeSt (Exhibition for jobs, studies and education) 2017 in Vienna  – Edu cation Secretary Dr. Sonja Hammerschmid

At the stand of HTL-Mistelbach for bio medical engineering
On the right picture you may see a teacher of HTL, DI Stefan Gut (also our mentor)

Education Secretary Dr. Sonja Hammerschmid Education Secretary Dr. Sonja Hammerschmid and Stefan Gut

Vienna Businessrun 2016 (at 08th of Sept. 2016)
with Tanja, Tamara, Arthur, Daniel, Hannes, Matthias, Kevin and Markus



Winning price of entrepreneur award from GEWINN – „Idea of the year 2015“ (more than 1000 applicants)


GEWINN Jungunternehmer Wettbewerb 2015, ©Pepo Schuster,

GEWINN Jungunternehmer Wettbewerb 2015, ©Pepo Schuster,

Pitching at PIONEERS FESTIVAL – We were graduate for one of the best 50 countries world wide!


Pajestka und Raffer mit einem Investor aus Facebook-Kreisen Pajestka und Raffer auf der Bühne mit leichtem Schmunzeln

Pajestka und Raffer mit interessierter Investorin bei einem Stehtisch Location; Eingang zum Pioneersfestival in der Hofburg




Product presentation at the AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology in Vienna – 22nd district)

Ing. Petra Thanner, MSc MBA; DI Jörg Brodersen, MAS, MSc und Christian Zinner

Raffer and Pajestka


Product presentation at the Austrian Academy of Sciences (Vienna, 01.)

Univ.Prof. Dr. Peter Kampits, Sabine Zelger, Doris Pfabigan, DI Dr. Alfred Pohl, Spitalvorstände, etcetera . . .




Interview with Sami Demirel about INNOMAKE – blind since birth



Product presentation at Waldviertler Schuhe shoe manufacturer

Picture: Kevin Pajestka shows Heini Staudinger the Walkassist at Waldviertler manufacturing



Product presentation at the Austrian Self-Help Organization for the Blind and Visually Impaired