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Startup Camp of iNITS:

The advisory committee approved (LINK to them) our project for iNITS. Now we are member of iNITS Start Up Camp!
Included are things like office, cash, infrastructure, network, and so on… A next milestone has been reached!

Logo of iNITS



Status quo (Sept. 2015):

– Proceedings with austrian, nice supporting investors are in final round (cash and supporting).
– Application form for a big supporting by FFG – Austria is also ready soon (cash)
– Parts of plans for electronic development were commissioned to LCM for a professional work (development).




(!!!) Our company was graduated as one of the best 50 companies from overall 1.600 companies of 98 different countries world wide. We met lots of interested investors there, many of them are in talks with us regarding to investments. A very nice festival for startups, investors and interested companies!
Great contacts to companies like: MICROCHIP, HUNSON ROBOTICS, SYNETECH, STURIATRONIC, TRUMPF, and much more . . .


Another new publications:

TV report about WALKASSIST, our team and partners at channels of SERVUS TV – Krone and ORF2 – €CO from 28th of Mai 2015.
Klick here to watch it:


New publications:

Articles about WALKASSIST, our team and partners in the magazine HEUTE, HEUTE Online, KRONENZEITUNG and KRONE Online:
Klick here to read more:


Voting for appearance at Pioneersfestival in Vienna till of Mai 2015. Please vote for us!:

Please vote for our company. The Tec-Innovation GmbH is been voted under the first 200 companies of over 1600 members! The 5 best companies with the most votings are going to be invited to the Pioneersfestival in Vienna. Follow this link:

Klick the button „VOTE“ in the window of our companies logo (Tec-Innovation) if you want to support us.
(The following Link is linked with your Facebook account):


New cooperation with a startup in Lower Austria:

The dedicated startup Florian Stockiger (Ernstbrunn, Weinviertel) inspires the CEOs of Tec-Innovation GmbH.
Young startups have to support each other! Florian produces knifes for different application areas like in kitchen or for hunting.
Certainly with high quality! –


Potential cooperation with AIT in Vienna:

The AIT is an institute which develops 3-dimensional systems. Further informations here: AIT

The development of our Walkassist could include cameras for better detection of barriers in future. This extension would improve the detection – a better result would be expectable.


Conversations with investors:

„W“ from Poland, an international experienced investor in topics: packing shoes/production of shoes, business and marketing.
„X“ form Austria, an industrial investor – building industry.
„Y“ from Austria, famous for his yummy food.
„Z“ from Austria, one member of the big „trim-factory“.


Online survey:

Only for blind people or humans who have problem with eyes:

Thank you very much in advance! Followed link:


Surprise from a partner: Coupon

There was made a coupon for our prospektive customers/interessted people. Click HERE, print and take it to Beata’twere Studio Cosmetic and Relax, a wellness- and cosmetic institute.

We try to bring joy.



We would like to thank everybody, including individuals and companies, who have enabled us to accomplish our goals for 2014, who have helped to raise awareness about what we do, and who have supported the development of our project.

We are especially grateful to our team at Tec-Innovation GmbH as well as to Erich Dworak, Andreas Wiegert, Dr. A. Missbichler, Konica Minolta and the friends and families of our team members.


Looking for suppliers: 

We are looking for a company that can print braille stickers. We will require between 10,000 and 30,000 braille stickers. For further information, please get in touch with our management (Link: Contact us). This is a possible future project for interested customers by MTH Retail Group (Libro, Pagro-Diskont).


Further publication:

About a year after our last appearance on TV, the Austrian TV channel PULS4 has contacted us again, and we expect to make another appearance on this TV channel this spring.


Prototype status: 

The latest version of the PCB layout is now complete. In January, it will be printed on the printed circuit board, and the electronic components will be installed. The system will be built into the shoe by the end of February. By this time, the software will also have been completed. Tests will be carried out by Sami Demirel in Vienna around the middle of March.



Currently, we are in talks with some potential investors. They have shown great interest, but until our prototypes are ready for large-scale production, we continue to look for more companies and individuals who could be potential investors. Investments should be made after the next prototype stage is completed. If you know any potential investors, or if you would like to become an investor yourself, please get in touch with our management (Link: Contact us).



In addition to the development of Walkassist, we are also working on other products. Some of these potential future products are also intended to help people with disabilities. Further information will be published shortly before the launch of these products.


Thanks for support:

In the summer of 2014 we received generous support thanks to the initiative of Erich Dworak of the Vienna insurance broker Versicherungsmakler Dworak (VMD). We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all individuals and companies who supported us.


Website Info:

The current version of our website was completed in December 2014. A big thank you to our web designer, Thomas Kautz, for his collaboration.