The original idea for INNOMAKE was conceived at HTL Mistelbach (a higher-level secondary school specializing in technology and engineering), where it formed part of a graduation project by Kevin Pajestka and Daniel Gepp. These two students specializing in biomedicine and health technology had the vision of creating a shoe with integrated electronic obstacle detection. After they had been working on a prototype over the course of one year, the two inventors were able to celebrate their first success. Their system, which consisted of specially developed hard- and software, was built into an everyday shoe, a shoe that could in fact detect obstacles.


Picture: Walkassist the first prototype

„Walkassist“ First prototype

Beta Version

„Innomake“ Beta Version

Since then, Mr. Pajestka and his development team have been continually striving to improve their technical concept. Tec-Innovation is currently working extensively on creating prototypes with integrated and invisible electronics, which are fit for daily use. In 2018, this shoe will be ready for launch and mass production.

We are currently working on improving the prototype and optimizing the technology. This process will be completed in collaboration with our volunteer testers. For further information about the current prototype status, please click on NEWS.



After the successful launch of our leisure shoe, we will create a broader range of shoes:

  • sports shoes
  • hiking shoes
  • evening shoes
  • children’s shoes
  • and so on.

For children’s shoes, Tec-Innovation GmbH is planning a kind of second-hand trade. This will enable parents to exchange their children’s shoes for bigger ones in exchange for a small fee, instead of having to buy new ones every time their children’s shoes become too small. This is intended to help parents, who are already facing a heavy financial burden.