Dear pupils and students,

if you are interessted in an internship at a young-growing startup (for 1 to 3 months), please contact us. You can make great experience in economics, marketing and technology.

We offer to you our knowledge, deep insights in business and much more.
As a young startup, we unfortunately are not able to offer you money.


Diploma and master thesis (University or FH)

Dear students and professors

We would like to be the company for your thesis. We can offer a lot of topics:

  • People with disabilities as customers and employees
    – our cooperation with people with disabilities for the development of our products and much more
  • business of a startup
    – Founding a company, public sponsorships and much more
  • Technology
    – PCT-patent, mechatronics and much more
  • Ethical issues
    – The responsibility for security of developing products for people with disabilities and much more
  • Marketing and PR
    – Concepts and strategies for a startup,
    – comparing markets and customers and much more
  • Administration
    – legal affairs, negotiation, human resources and much more

Do not hesitate to contact us. Together we will find a way to your/our next milestones.




Discourses and workshopsBildung_Vortragen

Dear headmasters, professors and teachers,

We are glad to inform you, that the CEOs of Tec-Innovation GmbH give a lecture or workshop in schools, universities or universities of applied sciences. . .

Both CEOs have different knowledge and qualifications, which help them developing an intelligent shoe, that detect obstacles.


Kevin Pajestka (born 1993) 

After a short visit at university of applied sciences (Technikum Vienna)  of bio medical engineering) he established the Tec-Innovation GmbH with his diploma project – WALKASSIST.

He is the responsible head for F&E and manages the cooperations with our partners in science.


Markus Raffer (born 1990) 

After his final exam at commercial college, he completed the studies of laws at the age of 23. During his work at a court, he got attention to Kevin and his project on TV. Markus is now head of financial and legal issues.
He is blind with a residual vision of 3% – that fact is a great help in product development.

More informations about their story: STORY

As young startups we are convinced, that pupils and students, in early stages, have to track innovative ideas – otherwise nice products or business models may never get a chance.

We want to share our knowledge and experiences of different branches with pupils, students and teacher or professors. Topics we are address:



From idea to decision

  • Plan calculation (Break- Even Calculation, and much more…)
  • Businessplan from perspectives of investors and conveyors
  • Austrian and European “jungle” of public support
  • Searching for investors (events, establish contact, seriosity)
  • Closing an investment (company rating, contract, agreements and decisions)


Legal issues

  • Establishment of a company
  • Witch company form is theoretically as well as practically better (either as start up as well as investor)
  • The way from an idea to the Austrian Camber of Commerce
  • patent application (procedure: form the idea to PCT registration)
  • What is really important with lawyers, patent attorneys and tax consultants?
  • Liability by getting on the market with new products and liability by testing such new products with probands.



  • Definition of the searching customer (Who is my customer?)
  • customer survey
  • acquisition – strategics
  • correct handling


Partner (nothing works without a competent partner)

  • Searching for a partner (who could help me- who can I help?)
  • Contacting partners
  • Confidentiality Agreement (NDA)
  • Partner <-> competitor
  • Dealing with partners



  • Ethical insight (Project-related)
  • Questions about the use for society
  • planning
  • development
  • searching for supplier (Looking and possible ways – national and international)
  • Planning the market launch
  • Publication (pro and contra)


Marketing and PR

  • Witch media is relevant
  • The way into media
  • Into public (pro and contra)
  • Website, Facebook, Twitter & Co.

Depending on target group, the workshop will focus on individual aspects.



  • Lecture at the FH campus Vienna in September 2016, course of studies: Master- Health Assisting Engineering.
    Pictures, click here: KLICK LINK
  • Lecture at the WEBSTER Privat University in Vienna about
    Break-Even-Point • SWOT Analysis • Startup foundation • Investments
    Pictures, click here: KLICK LINK



Price for lectures and workshops:

The price will be individually agreed and oriented on the actual effort.

(How to get there, papers, scope of activity,…)


We are looking forward to hearing from you!

(Messages can also be send in contact form or directly by mail to the management)


Yours Tec-Innovation team.