CEO’twere story

Insight of the CEO’twere past experiences:


CEO and Founder Kevin Pajestka:

Specialization in biomedicine technique, healthcareKevin2

→ 09/2008 – 06/2012
HTL – Mistelbach For Medicine Engineering and Electronics
  (private collage)
Branch: Biomedicine technique

Completed final exam to that collage:

(English – both orally and in writing, maths/signal processing in biomedicine, medicine, quality management and product management as well as my diploma thesis – New innovation called WALKASSIST – a tool for handicapped people)


To continue . . .


→  09/2012 – 05/2014
Fachhochschule Technikum Vienna (FH, Bachelor studies)
Branch of studies: Bio medical engineering, Full time studies
1st semester was completed beneficial. In the middle of 2nd semester Kevin had to stop studies.

Because of establishing a company and because of claim of many public supporting institutions Kevin had to pause studies for a while. But he wants to continue it soon.


Practical Know-how of many branches – career path
(completed universal military service in Austria – 2014)


Electronics and manufacture Praxis
HTL Mistelbach; >200 Hours


  • manufacturing of housings for electronic devices, screws, threads etc. – that in projects


Lab for development and manufacture Praxis
HTL Mistelbach; >300 Hours


  • recherche, writing a patent, design a circuit diagram, populate printed circuit boards, write protocols, order missing tools and devices, and so on . . .


Biomedicine technique/electronics traineeship
Sanitas GmbH


  • servicing and checking tools and devices in hospitals locally
  • repairing von pulse oximeter, EEG modules, EKG moduls und monitors


Controlling traineeship
GLORIT Bausysteme GesmbH


  • GPS – Controlling vehicles and staff


Work as a salesperson sideline during studies
World of Mozart – Kaufhaus STEFFL (Wien 01. district)


  • Talks with costumers and completed a sales training
  • sell any products there
    (Branch: clothes und accessoires, business carrier bag and suitcases)


Medicine technique traineeship


  • checking of medical devices
  • repairing/gauging: defibrillator, „Motorspritzen“ and infusion pump
  • lab of electronics


Medicine technique traineeship


  • checking of medical devices
  • repairing/gauging: defibrillator, „Motorspritzen“ and infusion pump


IT and network engineering external traineeship
Malta Int. Airport      


  • Update network at airport and look for mistakes
  • IT security at Airport (against hacker, and so on…)
  • Repairing displays and configurate them (displays also with touch function)
  • Install programs and devices


Buchhaltung traineeship
GLORIT Bausysteme GesmbH


  • GPS – Controlling vehicles
  • Accounting management and get in touch with staff



CEO Mag. iur. Markus Raffer:

Specialization in jurisprudence/law:Markus2

Informations follow soon . . .