BETA is available !

Leather shoe with sensors

We offer around 20 volunteer test persons in Austria the opportunity to test the walkassisting innomake free of charge before the official market launch. The beta phase is aimed at visually impaired and blind people of all ages. In order to try the Innomake in detail, a smartphone with the operating system IOS is necessary, for which we provide our app. By using the app, all settings like changing the distance or type of feedback can be made. Of course, our Innomake app is fully operable with VoiceOver.

The testers agree to give us feedback on the use. Users of the blind stick and the guide dog are also welcome to participate because the Innomake is a great extension to this and can be adapted to the individual needs of these user groups.

From BETA to market Launch

During BETA phase, we offer the opportunity to buy the final market product much cheaper. The launch of the final product is expected for the end of 2018. As special bonus you have the possibility to test the BETA item unlimited until having your final product on your feed.

The benefits:

  • Old for new – a fluently change between BETA and market product,
  • Your constantly feedback improves the final innomake,
  • Constantly support by our engineers,
  • Chose your favorite shoe design and color,
  • TO say thank you, we give you a look behind our development and production
  • Take your chance and save money

The price of the market ready innomake ordered during BETA phase is:

  1. the first five ordered innomake EUR 960.- including 20 % VAT,
  2. the next five innomake EUR 1,380.- including 20 % VAT,
  3. subject to the change or termination of this promotion,
    each additional innomake will be sold for EUR 1,980.- incl. 20% VAT.

Should you be interested, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information by using the following form or write us at moc.n1555770320oitav1555770320onni-1555770320cet@e1555770320ciffo1555770320