Close cooperation with following partners:



GEA – Waldviertler Schuhe
Supports us producing shoes made of leather

The executive producer of that manufactory invests time for our development, besides they are going to offer us necessary material and employees/experts for design and soles.


Logo of iNITS


iNITS – Innovation into Business
Supports us in topics like network, infrastructure and so on . . .

Tec-Innovation is coached by the incubator of INiTS Universitäres Gründerservice GmbH,, a company of university of Vienna, Vienna University of Technology and ZIT, and is further supported by the AplusB program.


Konica Minolta
Supports in topics like marketing, finance and contacts

Konica Minolta helps us to get in touch with many people and support us in topics like finance/business and marketing as well as facility management.



Supports in topics like tax advice, accounting and law.

BDO offered our startup a nice price for their work as financial supporter. BDO is a qualified partner in financial topics like:
Support us, tax advice, accounting, law and public/financial support.


Our partners and supporters provide us with valuable advice and assistance.

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This companies are written down again for screen reader systems (incl. web-links): 


Wiegert Obst Gemüse Convenience

Konica Minolta


Orthopädisches Spital Speising

discovering hands

Berufsfeuerwehr Wien

Beata’s Studio Cosmetic & Relax

VMD // Versicherungsmakler Dworak

freiraum-europa – die expertInnen für barrierefreiheit

Waldviertler Schuhe – GEA – Heini Staudinger

Hilfsgemeinschaft der Blinden und Sehschwachen Österreichs


Furthermore supporters:

DI Dr. Gerald Eckl (elektronic, hardware) Gisela Gerber (works with blind people; contact to those)

DI Sascha Rohrbach (electronic, hardware)

DI Martin Huber (IT)

Raphael Walorski, Manuel Himmler, Lukas Traxler MSc, Roland Pillwein

DI Michael Altrichter (Contacts, financial support)

Dr. A. Missbichler, ScioTec Diagnostic Technologies (financial support)

Mrs. G. Höllerer (Taxes and accounting); Mag. Andrea Wastian (BKS Bank – money and financial support)

Company Konica Minolta (office, using their stock/inventory, support by their management, etc.)

Div. Companies (financial support)

Family, friends and acquaintances