BETA is available ! We offer around 20 volunteer test persons in Austria the opportunity to test the walkassisting innomake free of charge before the official market launch. The beta phase is aimed at visually impaired and blind people of all ages.
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SERVUS TV - Tec-Innovation GmbH is presenting INNOMAKE and the company itself (German):



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Liebe Facebook-Community,
unser Video mit den ersten Testern, Kunden und Interessenten steht nun online! 📡 📺
Klickt rein 😉
#TecInno #InnoMake #PR #Media #Startup #FirstSales #BetaProgramm #TestingShoes #Shoeswithobstacledetection #Blind
#Shoesaremadeforwalking 😅
Anregungen zum Video (z.B. Barrierefreiheit) bitte an:

Infos zum Unternehmen und zum Produkt unter: diesem Video sieht man Interviews mit unseren Testern sowie deren Meinung zum InnoMake. Wir hoffen, dass es für seheingeschränkte oder blinde Zuseher barr...
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Was ist mit Abwärststufen, Bordsteinkanten, Bahnsteigkanten?

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Heute besuchte uns wieder der #ORF in unserem Labor in Wien für die Sendung #Konkret. Den Zeitpunkt der Ausstrahlung geben wir euch noch bekannt 😉
#Startup #InnoMake #PR #Blind #Innovation
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Arguments of potential costumers and experts about INNOMAKE

Erich Schmid

„The idea of equipping shoes with an orientation system is fascinating! I hope it will be a success.‘‘

Erich Schmid Teacher at the Vienna Institute for the Blind, blind since birth, volunteer tester of Walkassist
Associate Professor Dr. Gisela Gerber

"I think that Kevin Pajestka should get maximum support in order to be able to carry out his project."

Associate Professor Dr. Gisela Gerber Teaches at the Uni. of Vienna, works with blind people
Ing. Roman Sykora

"This shoe could enable us to work faster and thereby save lives at operations with fire, chemical actions or darkness."

Ing. Roman Sykora Department 68 of the City of Vienna, Deputy head of Fire Protection Section VIII.
Sami Demirel

“This is an interesting and well thought-out project, because the mobility equipment is built into an item of daily life. I am happy to be part of it.”

Sami Demirel volunteer tester of Walkassist, blind, student at business school